Portfolio of selected audio work

The Assignment Bureau Podcast about people facing challenges by doing creative tasks. An independent project launched in 2017.

“It’s Private” (29 minutes), produced through the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. This piece has been nominated for a Prix Europa and also received an honourable mention at In The Dark Sheffield. It was also included in independent producer Rikke Houd’s The Amazing Radio Vertikalisator session at the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Potpourri of segments done for the Swedish Radio (in English)

Home of Sweden’s first pizza? A special program about foreign workers in Västerås (Nov 2017)

Why Sweden has so few drinking fountains and Could drinking fountains be making a splash once more? (July 2016) and a version in Swedish, Från dricksvattenfontäner till plastflaskor (Sept 2016)

Sweden’s Eurovision hopeful shuns celebrity (May 2016)

Greens’ drama, vague terror threats, King’s 70th, how to enjoy taxes (Apr 2016)

Teaching love today: Ghost cupid, sex ed and taboos (Feb 2016)

Domicile dash – scrambling for housing in Sweden (Feb 2016)

Filmmaker takes on “fake feminism” in Strindberg-inspired flick (Nov 2015)

Stockholm subway escalator stoppage “damned nuisance” (March 2015)

Diminishing congregation forced to put church up for sale (Feb 2015)

New-fangled takes on classic semla pastry fire up controversy (Feb 2015)

Translators “sprint” to knock down Wikipedia language barriers (Jan 2015)

Battle for customers’ allegiance as Starbucks expands in Sweden? (Dec 2014)

Just how inspiring are the Nobel Prizes, anyway? (Dec 2014)

Interview with Foreign Minister Margot Wallström on Sweden’s decision to recognize Palestinian state (Nov 2014)

How defeat unfolded at the Moderates’ election HQ (Sept 2014)

Automatic sobriety checkpoints aim to bar drunk drivers (Sept 2014)

Many leave Lost and Found empty-handed (Jan 2013)

Convicted murderer speaks about redemption (interview with Annika Östberg) (Aug 2011)

“We don’t answer on the roof” (Mar 2011) – This piece was also featured by the Stanford Storytelling Project.